Partnering to Grow When You Grow and Change When You Change

As I wrapped up my second year as an Account Manager, I’ve learned that each of my customers is unique but similar in several ways.

I also learned how important it is that we must meet each one of our customers’ needs and expectations.

How can M3T provide solutions to keep their employees and visitors safe? To do so, the Account Manager must research and evaluate their customer’s business, as well as keep current with the new technology products.

It is about the customer, so if they make changes within their organization, it is the Account Manager’s responsibility to shift the direction of offered services.

A customer may have a big turnover within their organization, or their current system may soon be outdated without knowing. It is our job as an Account Manager to provide cost-efficient solutions that will be beneficial to the customer.

If a customer is not always in contact with their vendor regarding their needs, the Account Manager should be checking in often to acknowledge any changes and address them appropriately with new services or the latest technology.

Reaching out and informing the customer with new information can strengthen the relationship with the client. Changes occur often, whether it is new management, turnover within the organization, newest technology updates, or budget.

It is ideal to shift and change when your customer is going through a change.

When customers see their vendors change to match the client’s needs, the customer will be more appreciative and want to continue with the business, as they see M3T is making adjustments for the sake of the customers’ interest.

Aimee Mathin

Aimee Mathin

Account Manager