The Three Tiers of Video Surveillance

Does your company want to stay competitive and agile in the marketplace, but they do not have the budget to update their security solutions as often as other companies?

This is why we created Service Shield by M3T. Service Shield by M3T allows you to bundle your solutions and support services into a convenient monthly payment.

This opportunity provides flexibility to your company by bringing you access to technology that is current and up to date.

You won’t be using obsolete equipment anymore.

Service Shield by M3T offers three tiers of Video Surveillance solutions: Business, Professional, and Business Premium.

Our Business Tier:

An entry level quality video service for entities that need basic video surveillance with standard playback video quality.  Cameras are accessed through our app that can be used from computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

Our Professional Tier:

professional tier exterior video surveillance camera

Offers better video quality along with standard and adds high-definition playback of recorded video.  These cameras are more robust in design and with their higher resolution offer more image detail for medium to higher security needs.

Our Business Premium Tier:

business premium tier exterior and interior video surveillance camera

Offers the highest quality video at 4K resolution even at its full frame rate.  They are designed to be reliable in the harshest conditions and climates.  This camera included electronic image stabilization to keep the picture steady when exposed to vibrations such as high winds.  These are perfect for government, Department of Defense, and other high security installation needs.

Find out more about the features of our Video Surveillance solution tiers.

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