7+ Benefits to Managed Security

Every company that has a video monitoring, access control, intrusion, intercom system has that one person who knows everything about the system.

How to reboot it; what to do if it goes down; how to find a particular piece of video; unlock a certain door. 

Some companies have several people or even a “security team” who can do those things.  But what do you do when that one person leaves?

man watching 16 surveillance videos

A key benefit of managed security is that it’s designed to help eliminate complexity and maximize IT efficiency to allow staff to focus solely on business without being worried about their system.

Another major advantage of outsourcing to a managed security service provider is that companies can achieve faster time-to-value from their security investments by removing the learning curve.

7 Benefits to Managed Security Services:

  1. More time for your company to focus on business and your business goals.
  2. You will have access to advanced tools.  Most times the provider will be very well versed in the system and be able work with the advanced functionality of the system.  
  3. Automatic detection and the ability to fix vulnerabilities
  4. Fast response times.
  5. Sometimes a problem can be detected before it can impact your business when a provider is managing your system. Proactive security. 
  6. Scalability.  If there is a need for a temporary change, the provider can usually make that change quickly. 
  7. Access to innovation.  A security service provider should be able to keep you and your business informed on the new offerings that can positively impact your company.

Having a provider that can manage your security services will give you peace of mind and much more.

Your company will no longer have to panic if that one person who knows the system is no longer available. 

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Robin Orlando

Robin Orlando
Account Manager