At a Moments’ Notice, Adjust Your Facility’s Security Events

Over the past year and a half, many businesses had to shut their doors and move to remote work.

Some companies still had to manually lock and unlock their buildings daily. Usually for the handful of people who continued working in the office.

using security events to adjust your system remotely

A new feature we offer allows you to set up security events within the access control and CCTV system at your facility. These security events can range from a daily open and close time to viewing specific events on a live stream camera.  This eliminates the inconvenience of someone going all the way to the facility to lock or unlock your security system.

How Education & Church Facilities Use Security Events

Schools and churches have struggled to find ways to allow consumers to spectate certain events. The Events Feature allows these establishments to set up live stream event cameras. Then, families can watch these events from their homes. 

Most churches temporarily closed their doors during the pandemic. They learned to rely on video streaming to connect with their congregation. You can continue teaching and growing your faith community every week by using the new security events.

Within graduation season, schools want to celebrate their graduating seniors for their hard work and dedication. These educational facilities can use the new events feature to live stream the event. This offers an alternative option for families that may not be able to attend the event in person. 

graduation ceremony - throwing caps

As businesses begin to return to normal operation, the remote alternative will be an option many continue to use. 

The transition back to how things were will be less stressful for your company due to the ability to set lock and unlock times and provide Live Stream Cameras to specific events. 

There is no telling what we may encounter moving forward, so having the ability to adjust your company’s security system remotely, at a moment’s notice, can be a very valuable tool moving forward.

Rob Lombardi

Customer Solutions Project Manager