A Shared Purpose. A Mission.

Do you know what makes companies successful? What helps organizations thrive in their industry? Do you know what encourages employees to come to work?

A shared purpose. A mission.

Organizations with established high-functioning workplace cultures are those who have an authentic and well-communicated purpose beyond recognition or profit.

Your mission should be shared with your employees and be the reasoning behind the business decisions they make every day.

Successful companies involve their employees in achieving business goals and communicate how each individual’s role relates to the outcome.

Companies driven by engagement and meaningful work cultivate a strong work culture. They find success, beat the competition, and retain and attract high-performing talent.


You find success when you unite your brand and culture with your mission. When you don’t have unity in brand and mission, you don’t have unity between your employees and customers.

Emphasizing your mission to your employees, increases worker engagement and positive work culture. You want to keep your employees invested in the important work your company does.

How do your employees feel about their work experience? Do they feel like their job adds value to their life? Do they feel like they are making a difference?

All of these aspects are highly significant in determining success. 


A mission brings transparency, understanding, commitment, innovation, development, and success.

It allows everyone to be on the same page in the work that is being accomplished. When everyone is on the same page, work tends to be more efficient and fruitful.

With everyone working coherently and with the same mission, you can beat the competition who is less united.


Nowadays, people are looking for a job with a purpose. They want to use their time wisely and feel like they are doing something that matters. People tend to spend more time at work each week than with their families.

If your company promotes your mission in everything you do – advertising, interview process, interactions with clients, etc. – you are more likely to draw in high-performing candidates.

Forbes says, “Mission-driven workers are 54% more likely to stay for 5 years at a company and 30% more likely to grow into high performers than those who arrive at work with only their paychecks as the motivator.

Bailey Groff

Finance & HR Coordinator

M3T Corporation’s Mission Statement:

Assist our clients with risk identification and mitigation – demand excellence of ourselves and others.
Care about our people and our customers – be 100% honest in all things.
Maintain a demanding yet rewarding work environment – do not fear innovation.
Seek to make money by delivering more value than our clients expect – exceed expectations.