As a customer service organization, they were challenged in protecting their customer’s assets and inventory – the video surveillance technology was old and not able to reliably capture images and incidents.

Recognizing the value of video surveillance and the ever-changing pace of technology change and improvements, the solution was not one-dimensional.

Asking M3T for assistance was the first step in the process.

The teams assembled to review the daily operational needs of the organization. It became clear that the evaluation of video technology was the first task to tackle. The evaluation provides the business intelligence needed to protect their customers’ property, assets, and facility.

Throughout this evaluation, the physical environment played a major role. The lighting conditions (indoor, outdoor, natural, and reflective) and physical barriers (both fixed and mobile) needed to be addressed. The technology solution was evaluated, designed, and tested to meet the performance specification.

Once met, the teams progressed to the various methods of solution implementation, including, how to maximize the performance of the technology.

The teams examined the three methods of service and support for the solution:

  • Continuous Operating Agreement (As-A-Service) – Paying one price for all support needs (preventative maintenance, physical in-person service, technology remote service, software/hardware licensing, and upgrades).
  • Service Support Agreement (Service Contract) – A traditional maintenance and service contract on the installed hardware and technology.
  • Pay As You Go Support – Pay for time and materials.

The As-A-Service (Continuous Operating Agreement) model was the unanimous choice – providing the business intelligence and complete support needed for the technology investment.