In The Cloud

The challenge – what to do when building access control, video surveillance, live streaming video service, badge printing, and support are vital elements in the success of an organization’s outreach?

Teaching and caring happen daily for this group of dedicated individuals, they reached out to M3T to help create a technology master plan for the security, safety, and live video streaming needs. The one key element in their ideas – they wanted to use the “cloud” as they did not have the infrastructure to support the technology themselves.

Creating a technology master plan starts with identifying and assessing the:

  • Objectives of the customer’s stakeholders
  • “Use cases” for the organization
  • Current processes/procedures in the facility
  • Campus/facility to understand the physical and communication challenges

This was not a short or quick process, as the quality of each technology was vital in the objectives of the organization. As an example, live video streaming was a service that needed to be accessible without fail or technology challenge and easy for the organization’s customers to access.

The customer’s and M3T’s project teams developed a plan to assess and verify the technology, installation, and commissioning all met the standards for the project – which included constant communications and project checks to ensure the teams and project were on track for success.

Success for the customer! Their live streaming video service works with ease and their customers praise the accessibility and quality. The security and safety are managed and directed with their cloud-based technology – and the knowledge that there is an M3T technology expert available for help and support.