Serving Those Who Serve Us

M3T Corporation is dedicated to helping those who serve us. Supporting their daily operations and ensuring their success is our mission in serving those who serve us.

Many government campus sites require flawless execution to move people in, out, and through their facilities; this involves access control, video surveillance, and automatic door entry/exit portals.

Their objectives are to keep the site secure, provide consistent access and surveillance, and maintain all their users’ expectations for safety and security, even with the heavy volumes of pedestrian traffic.

One government organization asked M3T for help – in documenting the process to obtain the needed performance and service expectations. Together, this process required a detailed analysis of the current state of technology and the flow of people/materials throughout their buildings.

Analyzing the daily operations use of the access control, video surveillance, and automatic door entry/exit portals was an extensive effort. Recording and documenting the success and failure of existing technology deployment was a vital element to the project, including the review of the data with the stakeholders, to ensure a successful path forward.

Once completed, the organization was able to accurately determine their daily technology support needs and define the service performance/response times and the communication requirements for their site and service provider.

Spending valuable time to assess the “current state,” discussing both pain and success points, seeking input, and listening to users were all vital in reaching their defined “success hurdle.”

Now, the users have controlled, reliable access and the facility has eliminated system downtime and has a business partner/provider who is committed to their mutual success.