PSA TEC 2022

M3T attended the in-person meeting in Denver from May 16-19. The event was a tremendous success for PSA and all their owner-members which includes M3T Corporation.

The training was very much geared toward those who need to work on their companies as opposed to in them. Topics covered included:       

  • New strategies for recruiting and retention
  • Building a company culture
  • Proposals and presentations that sell for you
  • Social responsibility, managing performance in new ways
  • Applying Lean 6Sigma principles to increase efficiency
  • And many more topics of similar fundamental value

The event is sponsored by many PSA vendor partners; in this case, over 24 attended and exhibited. Some of the most unique offerings included a software product that allows network video recorders to store video in a cloud location seamlessly. Allowing the NVR to not know the video is located off its hard drive. Priced per terabyte/month, this unique offering can solve a number of client challenges. Another innovation was seeing the work of an electronic lock manufacturer who has systematized the management and issuing of digital credentials in a manner that relieves the integrator of much of the pain associated with these types of credentials.

The event is a time for connecting with colleagues and sharing challenges and successes. One consistent theme amongst the integrators is having a large volume of business to perform but struggling to get it done due to supply chain uses. This has negatively impacted many member companies in Q1 2022. Manufacturing partners were frank and concise in assessing their supply of materials and components. Some have deep struggles and forecast 30–40-week lead times while others quite literally have in stock most of their product lines.

Next year’s event will be in Dallas, TX. We hope to bring a number of M3T Team members, as more and more of the M3T Team join PSA committees to learn from their colleagues and support the association.