Case Study: Senior Care Organizations

Helping seniors feel safe and secure as well as providing a welcoming and loving environment for them involves people and technology. The challenge at senior care organizations is ensuring that residents with and without memory challenges are protected.

Many senior care organizations are faced with conflicting aspirations – how to balance security and safety with privacy, dignity, and health.

One healthcare facility wanted to find a security solution that aligned with their commitment to delivering a human and caring touch.

senior care - nurse and elderly patient

The first step in their research process was to identify the Security and Safety Plan and the Care Management Plan. They wanted both plans to work together to benefit the residents and staff.

Once the facilities’ working groups documented the processes and the “use cases”, they started the investigation and research into technology solutions that supported their strategy. This was not a small undertaking, as the technology solutions such as wander management, video surveillance, access control, nurse call, and automatic doors are many. This research process can be a daunting task.

This healthcare organization asked for help from one of their business partners, M3T Corporation, to assess their plan and objectives. M3T Corporation ensured that they invested their assets wisely and that the security solutions truly met their residents’ and staff’s needs.

Together, they created a pathway to research use cases and then interview manufacturers about their technology and the features, benefits, and integrations of their solutions. They inquired about lessons learned from similar care facilities.

After their research, they had a solution that delivered a wander management solution paired with video management and automatic doors to ensure all the residents would be safe.

The staff can now identify the residents when they are ambulatory, ensure they cannot accidentally leave their care area or building, and provide assurance to the families that their loved ones are safe and secure.

Security technology and design give healthcare facilities the ability to accomplish greater goals than without it. The facility can support their residents, patients, and staff with the daily operations while following the organization’s life-caring and saving mission.

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