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Helping Caregivers Protect Residents

Installing a wandering resident security system can’t prevent every potential wandering scenario. But it should absolutely be a key component of any wander prevention program. The Door GUARDIAN® Evolution Series wander management solution delivers the technology solution to support your caring mission.

Our Service Shield approach to providing you the best customer experience is rooted in our delivery and support.  M3T provides you with your wander management solution to provide a full integration to the access control, life safety and clinical staff notification systems. 

Our clients benefit from our facility-wide approach to the security and safety daily operations.  We review the entire area of operation to maximize the patients’ experience and minimize the organization’s liability to elopement and other patient-related issues.

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A Wander Management Solution that Evolves
with the Needs of Your Community

Secure Care Products & M3T can support your caring mission by enhancing the safety of your patients and residents with our technology solutions.

We provide business intelligence through the identification, location, tracking, and management of healthcare assets, patients, staff and visitors. With the right technology in place, you can improve productivity, safety, security, and reduce operating expenses.

Location Based Solutions with Benefits that Support Your Mission:

Patient Wandering: Real-time visibility, actionable information, evidence-based data for operational and clinical efficiency

Asset Management: Reduce capital and operational costs, improve staff efficiency, increase equipment & asset utilization

Environmental Monitoring: Protection of critical equipment, medical supplies and the environment, remote monitoring and data

Clinical Worker Safety:
Continual monitoring of movement, adaptable to the clinical setting, integrating to security technology

Digital Wayfinding: Peace of mind for family and staff, reduces missed & late appointments, increases customer satisfaction

Innovative Solutions that Protect your Residents, Patients, Staff & Assets

Door Guardian Evolution

The Next Generation of
Wander Management.

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