Are My Cameras Working & Recording?

One of the main ways to increase the overall safety and security of a business is the installation of security cameras and a video surveillance system.

These systems improve safeguards and help prevent shoplifting, theft, fraud, and vandalism. Consequently, they are only reliable when they are operating properly.

How Do You Know if Your Cameras are Working & Recording?

Typically, the easiest way to tell if a security camera is working and recording is to check the live and recorded video. If you can view both live and recorded video, the cameras are working properly.

If you can only view live, or only recorded, or neither, the camera is not working or recording properly.

It is easy to notice a camera is not working and/or recording if a designated employee is monitoring the cameras. How do businesses without designated monitoring employees know if their cameras are working and recording?

Unfortunately, camera problems are usually discovered when searching for footage of an incident. Then you find that the camera in question was not working and/or recording.

Be Aware of Your Surveillance Health Status

M3T’s new Managed Services Arcules Cloud Video Management System automatically monitors the health of the devices. You can view the health status of each device remotely in the Health Status Dashboard.

If a camera loses its connection, Arcules generates an email, SMS, or push notification. The Managed Services Arcules Cloud VMS provides peace of mind in knowing that your cameras are working and recording.

To learn more about M3T’s Managed Services Arcules Cloud Video Management System, contact us at or 1-855-790-0638.

Lauren Stevenson

Lauren Stevenson

Software Application Specialist