VAHMS Video Surveillance

A Heightened Level of Security

Simple and easy to use yet fully reliable and scalable: VAHMS Video is a new way to capture IP camera video for live or recorded viewing. Instead of dedicating a server or NVR on-premise for recording and viewing, VAHMS Video feeds recorded video to two locations: the onboard camera SD Card and the cloud-based recording and viewing platform. When video is retrieved in the cloud, no inbound traffic is needed for the site, reinforcing the strong cybersecurity profile of this platform.

When camera counts begin to exceed 12 cameras, a hybrid server is deployed to support the local HD or Megapixel high frame rate video while a second stream of video feeds the cloud-based platform. There is no limit to the capacity for cameras on this system but for the server and internet speed performance characteristics. APP or web-based platforms allow any authorized web-connected device with permissions to gain access. Video is stored for an average of 30 days in the cloud and typically on-premise for 5 (SD card) days to 30 (Hybrid Server) days.

Clients benefit from the extended 3-year hardware warranty on all VAHMS supplied hardware, fast and easy access to live or recorded video from anywhere, and the easy application of static display monitors for real-time viewing of cameras in an office or public display setting. This latter benefit is accomplished with simple USB technology requiring little infrastructure. Camera performance criteria can be adjusted on a per camera basis and the system generates programmed alerts on condition settings.

VAHMS Video comes with the M3T service level agreement for on-premise and remote support and end-user training. Whether a single site or many, VAHMS Video allows organizations to have control over their sites with limited IT support and infrastructure burden.