Video Surveillance & Viakoo

Reduce Loss, Gain Visibility, and Ensure Optimum Performance with Video Surveillance

M3T’s on-premise video surveillance recordings solve a variety of problems:

  • HD quality is needed on more than 12 cameras
  • Camera counts are exceedingly higher than a cloud system can handle from one site (connectivity dependent)
  • Compliance or regulatory reasons to keep video recordings away from the public cloud
  • Limited viewers/video users
Video surveillance in a parking garage.

We understand that clients may want the functionality of web access for some cameras but not for others.

We craft our on-premise systems to meet the specific needs of the client: from sizing recording resources to matching availability standards to providing site video viewing stations from a single monitor to a full video wall.

Our clients benefit from our approach – tell us what you need and the constraints we are working under; be they cyber or regulatory or operational. We’ll work to meet your needs and then support the system with reoccurring SSA (System Support Agreement) visits and frequent training offerings.

Viakoo Video Surveillance Monitoring:
Keeping Your Camera Firmware Updated

Viakoo is an Automated IoT (Internet of Things) Management solution. It keeps all your IoT devices 100% visible, operational, and secured.

Viakoo is perfect for companies with over 50 cameras because…

  • It gives you a real-time view of every IoT Device
  • It allows you to manage everything with a Cross-Vendor management platform
  • it is easily scalable

The Viakoo solutions automatically discovers, monitors, and updates device firmware, passwords, and certificates for any number of devices. It keeps your system running, reliable, and secure.

Cyber Security

When a manufacturer releases a new firmware for your cameras, Viakoo will automatically upload the new firmware update. It is constantly monitoring your surveillance cameras.

This is a huge advantage because it automates a process that isn’t usually done. It reduces the work load for your IT team.

When your camera’s firmware is not up to date, it leaves the camera vulnerable. These vulnerable cameras are attractive to hackers when they attempt to break into your company’s surveillance network.

Software for Monitoring Status of your System

Viakoo proves a software that allows you to manage and monitor your video surveillance system.

Viakoo Monitoring Platform

Viakoo is a Functional Assurance tool,
so you can check the status of the following video functions:

  • Cameras are functioning
  • Cameras are sending signal to the NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • NVR is receiving the signal from the cameras
  • NVR is recording what the camera sees

This Viakoo platform will send alerts about any system failures.