Visitor Management & Turnstiles

Securely Identify and Manage Visitors Within Your Organization

Every facility that attempts to control access to their property or their building should also provide visitor control. Visitor controls are actually entry controls. The critical components for an entry control system are controlled access at the main entry point, a secured visitor filtering area which is typically a secure lobby area, and a visitor management system for identifying visitors; who they are here to see, where they can go in the facility, and to provide them a badge to identify them as a visitor.

M3T assists its clients in all facets of an entry control system. Our approach is unlike most other firms that focus on selling a product. The M3T team focuses on providing the full entry control solution coming alongside our clients in a collaborative manner to find the right fit for their culture and corporate profile.


Turnstiles can be easily integrated into your access control system and visitor management- providing support for security guards and receptionists in keeping track of your visitors and staff.

Ensure that only authorized users can enter certain areas with trouble free and dependable operation.

Turnstiles meet the needs of companies in all realms of business: industrial facilities, corporate security, government, public transportation, higher education, health & fitness, etc.

Turnstiles can be placed in:

  • main lobby
  • employee entrances
  • elevator bank
  • parking lots
  • unattended entry points
  • one way exit controls
  • fence line/perimeter
Full height turnstile boon edam
optical turnstile boon edam

M3T Corporation offers Full Height Turnstiles as well as Optical Turnstiles and performs service on both.

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