MS Security Software Backups

Are You Regularly Completing Backups of Access Control or Video Surveillance Systems?

We all place trust in these systems to control and monitor our facilities, but often forget to ask the question, “What happens if my system goes down due to an unrecoverable failure?” or “How long can we afford to have our system down?” The time to realize that an inadequate backup strategy is in place is not while reacting to a system failure.

Our Managed Services Security Software Backup Solution Includes:

  • Implementation of either a software application or backup appliance for full Windows Image and SQL database backups
  • Cloud replication of backups
  • Monitoring & management of system backups
  • A personalized system recovery plan with the first 4 hours of an emergency system recovery, included at no additional cost

Most systems can leverage our Cloud-Based Managed Services Security Software Backup solution for only $225 per month. For clients where bandwidth and/or internet connectivity is limited, our Appliance Based Managed Services Security Software Backup solution starts at $250 per month. Charges for additional storage may apply based on the system size.