Credential Systems

Ease of Use. Low Cost. High Convenience.

Just as with on-premise systems, credentials vary greatly as do their use when being supported by cloud-based systems. Proximity, smartcard, as well as biometric technology credentials, can be supported through the VAHMS Security Cloud platform. Any credential deployment to an employee population requires a management system to effectively control the credential, the employee, and the employee’s ability to move about the facility.

There are two distinct advantages the cloud-based system for credential management offers over on-premise: First, the ease of capturing badge holder photos with a smartphone followed by loading them into the platform for the creation of the credential cannot be understated. As well, that ease of use comes just as quickly in looking up cardholder data on a mobile device. Secondly, smaller credential populations that wish to use photo-ID badges need not buy an expensive card printer. They can instead, take advantage of M3T’s card design and printing services. We receive the badge holder photo, create the card and print, securely deliver to the client site and then activate.