Alcatraz: Facial Recognition

Frictionless Access Control

In the current state of the world, customers are asking for touchless but highly secure solutions to protect their employees and visitors. The pandemic poses some health hazards with solutions that require a touch so we partnered with Alcatraz to bring our customers frictionless access control.

Alcatraz enables our customers to make their buildings more frictionless, safe, and secure with facial authentication, powered by artificial intelligence.


The Alcatraz Rock

The Alcatraz Rock delivers on the vision of making access control autonomous:

Employee using badge to gain entry
  • High Secure Authentication
  • Tailgating Detection (watch videos)
  • Auto Enrollment (watch videos)
  • Mask Enforcement
  • Analytics Platform

The Rock complements your access control system and optimizes your security strategy. No need to rip and replace your existing access control infrastructure.

An Automated Solution for the Various Locations around your Facility:


Lobby Management

  • Enforces mask mandate for the cardholder swiping their card
  • Reduces dependency on security guards


  • Frictionless experience as key cards are not required

Office Entry

  • Grant access solely to enrolled users
  • Detect tailgating and alert security
  • Reduces the risk of security incidents

High Security Areas

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

The Power of Analytics

The Rock allows you to access important data that you typically wouldn’t receive if you didn’t have access to the ACS.

You can receive instant alerts of any unauthorized access and be able to take immediate action.

Alcatraz Dashboard

Real-Time Alerts … Actionable Insights … Compliance Records

Frictionless Implementation

Our M3T technicians are able to install Alcatraz with minimal disruption to your work environment, day-to-day operations, and end-user learning curve. We offer professional design, installation, and service.

We would love to tell you more about Alcatraz and how it can be used to keep your staff and assets safe.

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