MS Video Surveillance & Arcules

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Provides You Total Control

M3T’s Managed Services Cloud Surveillance provides companies with the easiest browser interface on the market working across all devices.

The software runs as a full cloud solution yet also can combine with an onsite managed solution for those building owners and business/organization managers with multiple needs. All the while, providing seamless access to live and recorded video.

You select from multiple video quality settings from HD to low resolution AND, you decide how many days of storage you need per camera. All from as low as $13/camera/month.

Easiest Interface on the Web

24/7 Access on All Devices

Video Storage in the Cloud

Single Login for Multiple Properties

Are your Surveillance Cameras Working?

Businesses can increase their overall safety and security with the installation of video surveillance systems. These systems improve safeguards and help prevent shoplifting, theft, fraud, and vandalism. However, video surveillance is only reliable when operating properly.

Cameras that are not working or recording are easy to notice when a designated employee is monitoring the system. On the other hand, there are companies without these designated monitoring employees.

Unfortunately, cameras that are not working are usually found when it’s too late – when searching for footage of an incident.

Arcules: Cloud Video Surveillance Platform

Arcules is a Cloud Video Management System that automatically monitors the health of your devices. You can view the health status of each device remotely in the Health Status Dashboard which can be access anywhere.

You can view it on any browser or the Arcules mobile app. Your entire organization is at your fingertips in one interface. Remotely access any camera, from any device, at any time.

Benefits of Arcules:

Arcules does NOT mean a whole new video surveillance system. Arcules can be connected to your current IP cameras (+3000 supported) and network gear. It is easily scalable to fit your needs.

This video management system has very little set up time (minutes, not hours):

  • No software to install or maintain
  • Features & data security is always up to date
  • No server management
  • Less on-site management since it can be accessed anywhere
  • No network management
  • Minimal onsite equipment

There is hardly any training needed for your employees. There is not a lot of time to learn a new, complicated system – this is why Arcules is an easy-to-use interface that puts you in control.

Lastly, Arcules can easily be connected to your Milestone system.

Arcules monitoring all cameras
Arcules Floor Plans to Locate cameras

Features of Arcules:

Arcules is a feature rich platform which allows you to customize alarms and notifications to alert you when suspicious activity arises. If a camera loses connection, it generates an email, SMS, or push notification.

Arcules will even continue running during an Internet connection loss. The Arcules cloud is reliable and fast for video playback.

A video management platform focused on analytical learning and safekeeping. You have the ability to generate heat maps and detect vehicles in cloud and edge analytics.

Arcules provides peace of mind in knowing that your cameras are working and recording.

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