MS Access Control

Agile Businesses Leverage Cloud Technology
for Greater Efficiency

M3T delivers cloud-based access control that simplifies the management of your security platforms from one seamless desktop or mobile application. Always up to date and operating in real-time, M3T’s cloud platform makes your business better.

Avoid purchasing & maintaining servers, software, and IT involvement for a lower cost of entry

Increase efficiency with intuitive applications for a managed offering for greater core business focus

Reduce administration time, maintenance, and training for a lower cost of ownership

Enjoy peace of mind with 128 bit AES encryption and ultra-low bandwidth consumption, best practices ensured

Achievable Business Outcomes
Through M3T’s Cloud-Based Access Control

  • Business Agility
  • Higher Productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Lower Capital Expenditure
  • Risk Reduction

M3T’s cloud services play a vital role in your business continuity and operational sustainability strategy for your mission-critical facilities. Manage your system from anywhere and experience the most effective computing infrastructure based on financing, capabilities, flexibility, and scalability.

M3T Pairs up with Kantech Hattrix
to Bring you the Best Solutions:

What is Hattrix?

Hattrix is cloud-based access control that’s both flexible and scalable while delivering business agility with seamless integrations for intrusion, surveillance and tenant entry. Hattrix comes with a lower cost of entry and lower cost of ownership that enables management of your sites, from one door to thousands via one intuitive platform while providing enhanced capabilities that improve efficiency and productivity from anywhere.

Is It Time To Upgrade?

Check out this video:

How to Know When to Upgrade Your Access Control