VAHMS Video Intercom

Secure and Comfortable Communication

A video intercom that leverages your existing network to transmit calls from a door or gate station to IP or SIP phones, to dedicated answering stations, and to smart phones in a cascading manner as directed by the client – can fundamentally change how your organization manages entry control.

Gone are the days when a staff member needed to be welded to a desk on which a master intercom station sat to answer calls from door stations. With the VAHMS Video Intercom, the call will follow the programmed path until answered. Then, a clear two way audio one way live video link is opened with the caller, a filtering decision can be made and if approved, the door or gate can be unlocked from the device that answered allowing the caller entry.

Few products can make such a dramatic improvement in entry control for an organization in terms of how their staff are deployed throughout the day, while maintaining full control over the entry points. Multiple calling stations can be deployed in an array. If operational conditions change, our team can reprogram the calling cascade to support the new staffing framework without diminishing the control over the entry points.